Therapeutic Riding and Off-Track Rehabilitation

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We have so many dreams for what T.R.O.T.R. can become to our community!

We are always improving our programs and facilities thanks to donations of time, money, and resources from people like you!​


Unfortunately, in difficult economic times, animals are often the first to suffer. Large animals, such as horses, are especially at risk because they can be costly to maintain and many are being abandoned.

T.R.O.T.R. is committed to helping our equine friends!​​​​

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Sponsor a Horse

Cover a portion or a full month’s expenses.

Plus, as a sponsor, you will have access to visit, groom, and learn about handling horses ​from the ground up.

$180.00 per month provides feed for one horse.


Sponsor an Adaptive Rider

Many of our student’s families are burdened with unimaginable medical bills.

​Typically, adaptive riding is not covered under medical insurance, and therefore the therapy, which often is extremely instrumental to their well-being, is a financial stretch ​for many of our families.

$40.00 provides one student with one lesson.


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T.R.O.T.R. is a nonprofit organization ​that specializes in therapeutic riding, as well as taking former racehorses and helping them find new, loving forever homes.

Your support allows us to participate in school and community outreach programs.

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Specialty Services & Needs

Veterinary care.

Hay and feed for our therapy and rescue horses.

Tack or ranch materials.

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Some horses are in need of extra care that makes the difference between ​a horse being rideable ​or simply being a pasture companion horse.


Wish List


  • Horse Brushes – all kinds, colors, and sizes
  • Saddles (pony, horse, and draft-English and western)
  • Bridles (pony, horse, and draft-English and western)
  • Halters – all colors, sizes (pony, horse, and, draft sizes)
  • 3M Vetrap
  • Fly Masks – All Sizes
  • Fly Spray
  • Horse Cookies (Mrs. Pastures is a favorite)
  • Horse Feed/Grains


  • Riding Helmets – all sizes and colors, must meet current safety requirements
  • Orange Traffic Cones (6)
  • Dive Rings (or other round rings ~ 6-10” across)
  • Mailboxes
  • Road Signs – to use on our sensory trail
  • Large Blowup Beach Balls
  • Pool Noodles
  • Stickers (any kid-friendly kind)
  • Small toys/prizes for students
  • PVC Pipes – all sizes/widths + PVC joints (to create shapes)
  • Large pieces of plywood to create storefronts for our sensory trail
  • Artists to paint storefronts or other paintings on plywood for our sensory trail

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting our programs and making a difference in both our human and equine friends’ lives!

Any donation you make is 100% tax deductible. T.R.O.T.R. is an IRS certified 501( c) (3) non-profit organization. Tax ID # 26-2024415