Meet The Horses

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24-year-old black Off the Track Standardbred.

Amber was previously racing under saddle for Standardbred competitions.

​She is a very sweet girl who has much personality, and loves getting baths and being petted.

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Arlo is a chestnut Halflinger who is on the older side but has plenty of good years left in him.

He is proficient in both English and Western disciplines and is a great pairing for all levels of riders.

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13-year-old chestnut Off the Track Thoroughbred.

Bling is the personal horse of ranch owner, Shannon.

​Bling and Shannon do 3-day eventing together, and both are very good at it.

He loves any and all sorts of attention, but needs a​confident leader if he’s going to be taken out.

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18 year-old Bay Off the Track Thoroughbred.

Boomer is willing to please anyone who rides him.

He is a very advanced horse and is so automatic that he could work with anyone.

Boomer loves attention, and can’t wait to be in the arena with a good rider

​and any horse-rider combo that wants to join his lesson.

Privately owned.

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Bunny is a new addition to TROTR and an homage to our name as an off-track thoroughbred looking to rehabilitate, relearn, and eventually find his forever home. He is as sweet as they come and loves giving hugs and kisses!

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21-year-old chestnut Paint horse.

Caillou was brought to us from someone who trained and used him for western pleasure riding,

He also loves an English saddle and rider.

Caillou also likes just being taken out, groomed, and given the attention he deserves.

Privately owned

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Cinco is a 12-year-old dark bay thoroughbred who is privately owned.

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17-year-old chestnut Halflinger

Cindy Lu is a former cart pulling pony and has the attitude and stature to prove it.

She is an accomplished jumper and can help riders of all levels improve in many different ways.

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13-year-old fleabitten gray Quarter Horse

Cisco has come a long way from when he first came to TROTR

He has a new mom who loves and spoils him to his hearts desire.

He is still learning to trust people completely and requires a slow approach but will never turn down a treat or a pet.

Privately owned.

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2-year-old chestnut pony

Cowboy was an orphan foal that TROTR agreed to foster on a temporary basis. Luckily for us, he became a foster fail and is now a permanent member of the TROTR family! Cowboy is still young and is working on his handling and halter skills but is also the perfect cuddle bug and will never refuse a treat (or two)!

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19 year-old Dun Norwegian Fjord horse.

Fawn was purchased from someone who mainly used her for trail riding.

She is a favorite among the lesson horses and loves helping anyone get better at riding.

She sometimes gets used in advanced lessons, but mainly words with beginners and

in ​therapeutic sessions, excelling with both.

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17 year-old Dark Bay Morgan horse.

Fay loves everyone she meets, is willing to do anything, is very trusting, and is easy to trust.

Fay loves to teach both kids and adults to do anything related to horses,

and is a definite confidence builder for anyone.

​She’s a registered Morgan with the American Morgan Association.


9 year-old chestnut Miniature horse.

Firefly likes running around with Party Girl and Mimi.

​She loves getting led around and groomed anytime.

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Don't let your eyes deceive you this isn't Fawn!

Floki is a former breeding stud Norwegian Fjord that we hope to integrate into our riding program in the future.

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18 year-old black Canadian Draft.

Galahad likes being groomed, and was used as a trail horse in the past.

​He is a powerful ride and needs an intermediate to advanced hand but is always willing to work.

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23-year-old gray Percheron.

Galan is used in English and Western lessons and sometimes on trail rides or in small shows.

​He is a gentle giant and loves to show off his many skills across all disciplines.

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29-year-old Dark Bay Quarter-horse.

Harley is in his golden years of retirement but can handle the occasional quiet ride.

Harley is confident in himself and instills confidence in his rider.

He is a gentle soul who can't wait to love and be loved on.

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21-year-old chestnut Belgian Draft.

Horace was previously a vaulting horse in his prime. Nowadays he can still guide the occasional vaulter but is used more as a gentle giant perfect for teaching anxious riders that a big horse doesn't have to be a scary horse.

​Horace's favorite treat is peppermints!

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24 year-old chestnut Quarter-horse.

Joe has put in the time and work to earn his retirement here at TROTR.

He enjoys long walks along the property with his pen mate Caillou

and begging for treats for anyone who comes through the front gate.

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17-year-old appaloosa horse who competed in halter classes until about the age of 5,

​then was trained to be a western pleasure and reining horse.

Although he was heavily trained western, he loves to give English lessons too!

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14-year-old Bay Welsh pony (section B).

Magnus has hunter-jumper bloodlines and competed in hunter flat classes,

before moving to T.R.O.T.R. and becoming a star in not only our therapy lessons,

but any lessons we use him in.

​He has a wonderful time in any discipline his rider uses him in.

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10-year-old chestnut miniature horse mare who came to T.R.O.T.R. with Spice

and used to do lots of liberty work with their previous owner.

We want to train her to pull carts along with firefly, but for now

​she loves having fun with our Firefly and getting groomed.

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Monte - Privately owned.

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11-year-old Buckskin Welsh pony (section A).

Party Girl is a great lesson pony for our smaller riders and loves helping kids get used to horses by being more their size!

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18-year-old Buckskin Miniature horse stallion.

Prince is used primarily to pull around carts at Bobby Dazzler’s pumpkin patch, when it’s that time of year.

Prince cannot be taken out or led by anyone under the age of 18, as he is a stallion and needs a steady and experienced hand.

He loves being petted from outside of the fence though!

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20-year-old chestnut Paint horse.

Takia was a jumping lesson horse. She is sassy, energetic, and has much experience

in any discipline, at all levels.

She loves to jump, run barrels, or anything else, and is very talented at pretty much anything.

​Takia is great for advanced, beginner, or therapy lessons.

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12-year-old Percheron Gelding.

At 17 hands, Tristan is the biggest horse on our ranch and is a student favorite.

​Even the youngest students LOVE riding Tristan and feel safe while under his care.

He loves eating peppermints and going on trail rides. Privately owned.

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10-year-old chestnut Pony Cross.

Whiskey is a gaited pony who is great for learning the canter.

He needs a more intermediate to advanced rider but is as short and sweet as they come.

A fun fact about whiskey is he is gaited and a great party pony!