Therapeutic Riding and Off-Track Rehabilitation

Riding Lessons

T.R.O.T.R. offers instruction for basic horsemanship and recreational English or Western riding.

Time spent with horses should be enjoyable. Riders will learn to gain the respect of their horse and to be his leader, ​gently but effectively.​

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Students Gain Skills

Students begin in an enclosed area known as a round pen or on a lunge line. Lunge line sessions and warm-up exercises are incorporated into all lessons as a wonderful tool for advancing and improving the rider’s balance, seat, position, and confidence.

When students have mastered certain concepts we can progress to a larger area known as the arena. 

• horse & ranch safety

• grooming & handling

• basic balance

• build confidence

• rein management

• groundwork skills

• find their seat and post at the trot

• bareback riding

• vaulting basics

​Once students feel totally confident with the round pen work and arena work, we may venture out on trails.

Choosing Your Style

The two basic styles of riding are English and Western. Each method requires different tack or equipment. The build of the horses differ, as do the gaits of the animals.

Exploring both styles is a possibility!

Riding lessons have many levels, and each takes time to perfect. 

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Choosing Your Lesson


Ages 2.5 - 5 | 25 minutes

Students help to groom and tack their horse for 10 minutes, and ride for 15 minutes.

They learn about horsemanship, basic riding skills - such as guiding the horse, stopping, steering in the walk, and play fun games. 


Ages 5 - Adult | 50 - 75 minutes 

Students help to groom and tack their horse before the lesson for 10 to 15 minutes, ride for 30 to 45 minutes, cool down, untack and groom afterward for 10 to 15 minutes.

Each lesson is customized to the individual riding level and style of each rider.

Riding Fees

PER LESSON FEES (per student)

Private: $75

Semi-Private (Max of 2 riders) : $70

Group (Max of 4 riders): $65

Junior: $35

4-LESSON PACKAGE (per student)

Private: $280

Semi-Private (Max of 2 riders): $260

Group (Max of 4 riders): $240

Junior: $240

6-LESSON PACKAGE (per student)

Private: $390

Semi-Private (Max of 2 riders): $360

Group (Max of 4 riders): $330

Junior: $330

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Winter: 1/6-3/22 (11 weeks)

Spring: 4/6-6/7 (9 weeks)

Summer: 6/15-8/9 (8 weeks)

Fall: 8/17-11/1 (11 weeks)

Holiday: 11/2-12/22 (6 weeks)


Spring Break Camp

Summer Camps

Fall/Thanksgiving Camp

Winter/Christmas Camp


Spring: 3/23-4/5

Summer: 6/18-6/14

Fall: 10/9-11/19

Holiday: 11/23-12/1

Fall: 8/10-6/4

Winter: 12/23-1/5

Riding Rules


For rider safety, we have a number of SEI-approved ​riding helmets and a limited number of boots for riders to borrow.​


To ensure that you receive your full riding time, we request that riders be at the barn ready to ride at least 5-10 minutes BEFORE the class is scheduled to start. All riders must arrive on time and be prepared for the lesson. Lessons are scheduled for the same time each week – rescheduling appointments is extremely difficult to do.


Our intent is for all students to learn to ride and advance as quickly as their individual ability allows and to have fun. Our primary concern is for the safety of the ride and the horse.


We offer make-up lessons due to weather or illness. These postponed lessons are usually held during the week(s) following the regularly scheduled sessions.


Please contact us at 530-867-3866 at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. If you do not contact us or do not show you, you will be charged the full price of your lesson.

Considerable time goes into scheduling, planning lessons, and reserving horses. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the rider to come to lessons, be on time, or let us know beforehand.


Riders must consistently show their instructor that they can meet all the goals for their current riding level before advancing to the next one.